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Support NVD Track & Field!

Dear Alumni, Fans, Family, and Friends of Northern Valley Demarest High School Track and Field:

NVD Track and Field is and has been a program that is more than the sum of its parts. You can’t understand the whole until you understand some of its parts. Our program has sent more than 100 athletes to compete at the Division I level and many of those have been the captains, starters, leading scorers, and school record holders at some of the most prestigious schools in our country. Our program regularly has anywhere from 150 to 250 athletes on our boy’s and girl’s teams, having about ¼ of the entire school on the team. Athletes typically find a place on our team and many end up becoming a key role player. Our coaching staff is second to none. 5 out 6 of our stipend coaches have been head coaches at some point in their career. All of our coaches, stipend and/or volunteer alike, put our student athletes first, with a sound team approach and are highly skilled or masters of their events. Our team accolades run the gamut of National, State, County and League championships, garnishing team of the year honors at the league, county and state levels. Our individual athletes have been National Champions, State Champions, County Champions and League champions. Our team is completely inclusive with all students at NVD; this statement couldn't resonate any clearer than with our team's involvement with the Access Program and Access Prom.

Now, the purpose of this letter is to ask you to help support our program by making a donation. Today, school budgets are tighter than ever in regards to extra-curricular activities. Teams of our size put a lot of demands on schools for entry fees, busing, and equipment / facility wear and tear. Beyond regular expenses for our team, we would like to improve our program by purchasing things not traditionally paid for by the school. This includes specialty-training equipment that is event specific, guest speakers and clinicians, national level meet expenses, new cardio equipment and so on.

This year’s donation system "NVGIVE" will give over 95% of your donation directly back to the NVD Track and Field Program. The 95% back to the school does come at a cost however. That cost is our collective involvement and time in spreading the word to help raise money on our own rather than an outside fundraising company website with built in software mechanisms that generates emails, track participation, and so on.

To donate, click on the "DONATE" button on the left side of the screen -- or, CLICK HERE!

Thank you for your time and support. Please pass this email along to any other NVD Track and Field / XC families, friends, alumni and supporters!


Mike Theuerkauf

Head Boy’s Track and Field Coach for NVD since 1997

Brenden Kenny

Head Girl’s Track and Field Coach for NVD since 2009

Kevin Walter ~ Former Girls Head Coach & Current Sprints Coach Since 1992

Bill Kerkendall ~ Former Football Coach & Current Jump's Coach Since 1988

Mike Ives ~ Former Hall of Fame Head Coach for Swimming & Current Jump's Coach Since 2005

Michael Ippolito ~ Former NVD XC & Track and Field Captain & Current Head Coach for Boy's XC and Distance Coach Since 2016

Carlin Laginestra ~ Former NVD Track and Field Captain & Current Hurdle Coach Since 2010