Support the NVOT Marching Band

*NOTE: After donating, you will be taken to a Google Form that will ask you to voluntarily share some additional information with us so that we can thank you for your generosity.

The NVOT Golden Knights Marching Band is a group of hard working individuals that come together each year to perform a field show in competition and at football games. One of our largest fundraisers each year is our annual Saturday Knight Lights Marching Band Competition which was supposed to be held on Saturday, September 23rd. Due to Tropical Storm Ophelia, this year’s competition had to be canceled. The band was hoping to raise close to $10,000 at this competition this year. 

These marching band students learn about commitment, teamwork, responsibility, and more throughout their participation. The band has achieved many accolades over the past couple of years including earning the 2021 US BandsState Championship title and the 2022 US Bands National Championship title. Due to their success, the band has been promoted to the highest level of competition in the US Bands circuit: Open Class. With this promotion comes additional costs and expectations that we were hoping to raise money for at our competition. With the cancelation of our home competition, we don’t want to lose the opportunity to make this our best possible season!

Some of the expenses that we will still have for the upcoming year include:

If you are able, please use the link to donate to our NVOT Marching Band. After donating to the program, you will be directed to a Google Form where you can provide your information to us so we can properly thank you! All donors that provide their information will be listed in our digital program book that will be made available at various music department events throughout the rest of the year. We will also be thanking our donors our social media accounts. (Facebook: NVOT Instrumental Music/Instagram: @nvotinstrumentalmusic)

Everyone in our community who has been a part of the NVOT Marching Band knows that it is a special group of students. With your help, we hope to provide them with the best experience, equipment and show possible for the 2023 season!